Printable Forms

Absentee & Registration Request

This form is for absent Uniformed Service members, their families, and citizens residing outside the United States. It is used to register to vote, request absentee ballot, or update your contact information.  Click here to view form.

Absentee Ballot By-Mail Request Form

This form is for a resident of Washington County who cannot vote in person for one of the accepted reasons stated on the form.

Absentee Request Form not available at this time.

Campaign Financial Disclosure Statement

Change of Address

This form is for voters currently registered in Washington County, TN who have moved to a new address in Washington County, TN.   Click Here for Address Change Form

Physician's Statement

This form is for medical professionals to help qualify a voter for medically being unable to vote by personal appearance.   Click here to view form.

Voter Registration



Online Forms for Service Members

Register to Vote, Request a Ballot, or Update My Voter Info all online